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Kenwood has developed a new family of radios with more features, excellent security and the best market price.
The new mobile radios TK-7302HK cover from 136 to 174 MHz in VHF in a single radio and 70 MHz in the UHF bands.
The TK-7302H/8302H mobiles have multiple functions

Serie 302 Mobile
  • 16 programmable channels
  • Output from 50W in VHF and 45W in UHF
  • Active channel identification on front panel
  • Password protected programmable
  • Password protected operation
  • Direct Communication (Talk Around)
  • Voice compression (Companded Audio)
  • Busy Channel Lockout (BCL)
  • Transmition Time-Out (TOT)
  • Horn Call Alert (Horn Alert)

The TK-3702 and TK-8302 mobile radios enable easy connection to an internal or external GPS. This enables the position of the vehicle to be reported through the radio simplifying the implementation of Automatic Vehical Location (AVL).

The 302 series radios have FleetSync signaling, DTMF and MDC-1200 allowing the sending of messages, data, remote activation and deactivation of the radio, emergency calls, remote control and interaction with existing networks using any of the existing networks mentioned.

The TK-2302 and TK-3302 radios have the same functions as the mobile radios in terms of signaling, voice compression, password protected programming, electronic serial number, password protected operation, etc. In addition they incorporate unique features to a portable radio such as "Lone Worker".

This feature provides an additional level of security to workers operating in remote or dangerous conditions. As keys are pressed on a regular basis the radio operates as normal. However, if in a predetermined programmable period of time, the operator does not press a key, the radio will emit a warning signal. If there still is no response, the radio will send an emergency signal cot the radio or the default group.

The TK-2302 and TK-3302 radios comply with environmental standards IP-54 and IP-55 which means they can be used with confidence in environments with dust or rain. These radios pass 11 tests MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F including torrential rain.

No matter the weather, the TK-3202 and TK-3302 radios are always ready for action. When communications can not fail, these radios are ideal.

Serie 302 Portátiles
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